LCD Video Wall

A video wall is a unique form of art that allows for enhanced creativity in a wide variety of project applications. Our advanced technology in image splicing helps you to achieve a seamless display, even across several screens. We have an in-house design team that specialises in video walls, enabling us to deliver this product’s full potential.

Whether you choose to show different images on each component screen or you wish to present one whole image across the entire wall, our video wall can handle it, fulfilling your need for image variety or intensity. Our design team can offer guidance and advice on how to best achieve your organisational goals with our video walls.

One of the best features of video walls is that they are scalable to any size you require. By integrating multiple smaller display screens into a cohesive whole, you can achieve a display that is truly spectacular.

Following is a general overview of some of our products including the features and specifications.   These are just our based models, different screen sizes and Customisation’s are made to order

Minimum Maximum
Size per unit 32 inch 55 inch
Brightness 350cd/ 1500cd/
Border Size 3.5mm 5.5mm
Size of video wall 32 inch ———- Scalable——–

Indoor and outdoor application
Touch screen application