LED Signage

Manufacturing a high-quality LED panel is a complex process. We have our own patent on the technology for LED panel cutting and assembly. Our unique process delivers LED panels with longevity and great visual quality.

All of our LED panels are associated with user-friendly operating software or can be configured to integrate with your business’s preferred software applications. Our products are designed to provide unprecedented visual quality and style.

We have a deep understanding of all of our products from the inside out, giving us the knowledge and expertise to effectively advise your organisation on which LED display is best suited to your needs. We evaluate your requirements to determine the most appropriate size, lamp technology, structural build, and display brightness.

Following is a general overview of some of our products including the features and specifications.   These are just our based models, different screen sizes and Customization are made to order

Minimum Maximum
Size P1.5 P30
Brightness 1100cd/ 8000cd/

Indoor and outdoor application
Fixed and mobile application