Konka CMS Software

Software break down


  • Media content can be transmitted over the internet and saved locally for loop, insertion, schedule, time-limited or fixed playback
  • Supports online update of playback tasks, remote monitoring and remote management
  • Supporting UDP multicast streaming and HTTP live streaming
  • Split screen display, different zone or different media like video, photos, text, Flash and Powerpoint presentations
  • Encryption for security of content
  • Supporting HTTP, FTP, SOCKET, ODBC/JDBC data resource connections, real-time data updating
  • Switching playlist without delay or black screen
  • Easy network management by regions, states and countries

Screen Management

With this software, you can easily view all of the screens (terminals) in your network. This software allows you to monitor what all of the screens are displaying in real time. You can create folders and groups of screens to publish too, allowing you to keep everything organised. You’ll be able to view the status of all screens, reboot them remotely, and troubleshoot issues from any location.


Program Management

After you have created your campaigns, you can use our program management software to choose when and where to display each campaign. You can view and edit the program content from within the software, and you can update content seamlessly, with no interruption to the content that is currently being displayed. You can even pre-schedule dates and times to play, update, or remove content, allowing you to automate your marketing efforts and freeing you up to focus on other aspects of running your business.