Standing or wall mounted digital signage to video walls and LED installations.


From design to installation, and content management.


We can install 3rd party software & offer the most competitive warranties

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In May 1980, the Konka Group was established as an International Electronics Corporation. We based our business model on the accomplishments of other successful electronic appliance companies in China, giving us a framework for our business.

After nearly four decades of research and development, the Konka Group is now considered one of the leading suppliers of LED and digital signage. Our current annual revenue has reached about $3.3 billion. Demand is increasing all over the world for digital displays, and we have never been more prepared to meet that growing demand with our profound understanding of signage technology and services.



We strive to be an industrial leader in the manufacturing and distribution of LED and LCD signage products. Our goal is to help other businesses to increase their operating efficiency and achieve an increase in sales.




  • Deliver high-performance hardware to our clients at affordable prices
  • Combine specialised training and dedicated software to make digital enhancements truly effective
  • Provide comprehensive services to our customers to establish a digital display from start to finish
  • Monitor each project to maintain product quality and customer satisfaction over the long run
  • Generate attractive returns for both our clients and investors
Static Signage VS. Digital Signage
Konka does not see digital signage as a replacement for static signage. On the contrary, we see them as complementary products. Our design team often combines static and digital signage to achieve enhanced results.
Often Overlooked Problems

We address the following issues through the customisation of our products:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast ratio
  • Internet Connection
  • Screen size
  • Software and content
  • Management of time and effort
  • Return on investments

How are we able to address these issues better than our competitors?

We have the knowledge, experience, and manufacturing power. We can customise our products from the general overall appearance all the way down to the types of circuit boards, SOC, and level of brightness. We also have access to screen selection and LED backlit technology.

Are you spending your money wisely on digital signage?

We truly care about our customers’ businesses, and that is why we maintain profiles of all of our clients so that we can provide ongoing support and monitor results. We regularly discuss with our clients how digital signage can help them to bring in more profits and command larger market share in their industries.


In every business, from small startup companies to enterprise organisations, delivering clear messages to customers has always been a part of daily operations. Whether it is a tripod blackboard outside of a coffee shop showing the breakfast menu, a car park entrance displaying the daily rates, a CEO communicating with employees through email, or a supermarket promoting this week’s sale items, communication is key.

Consumers are used to receiving important information through a wide variety of media sources, making it crucial that you have updated information for your targeted customer groups. Traditional media, like print advertising or broadcast commercials, typically has a time delay when it comes to updating information due to the time and effort required to craft the message and prepare it for production and release. In some cases, continuous change, like with foreign currency exchange rates, makes it virtually impossible to keep up.

A digital signage platform offers a world-changing solution for delivering marketing messages in real-time. It is easy to update to the most recent information and to show it in an attractive way with just a few clicks.

With advancements in technology in recent years, the cost of digital signage has dropped drastically, making it an affordable investment for just about any business. Digital signs are eye-catching, easy to manage, and offer a great return on investment (ROI).


Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible

Contact Page